About us

Beotim MB is a firm whose main activity is transport of special freight and heavy loads, organization of residential and office space moving within a city, between the cities  and international moving.

We transport all special freight, cash dispensers, safe-deposit boxes, machines and concrete constructions, using necessary equipment. We have cranes, fork lifts, pallet stackers, robots for stairs, hydraulic lifts. Our staff is professionally trained and will provide, quickly and efficiently, services like: dissassembling, assembling, mounting, loading, unloading goods, packaging, cleaning rooms, moving… We provide moving within the cities (Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Subotica), between the cities, as well as, international moving.

We offer you, free of cost, estimation of moving costs,24 hours,seven days in a week. We give you a useful piece of advice, from our experience, and you will get much benefit from it. From its beginning, Beotim MB has provided reliable and undisturbed process of carryng out all services, as well as, guaranteed discretion. Because of that, we are respected among the clients and firms we deal with. That’s the result  of our long work experience. Thanks to the satisfying your demands and realizing them, Beotim MB has worked successfully for many years.