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Relocation residential space

Beotim MB will organize your relocation from residential space professionally and efficently to desired destination at the time which is convenient to you. We will give you a usefull piece of  advice   and you will get much benefit from it.Also, our professional team is trained for packaging, assembling, dissassembling, loading and unloading your items. Our staff will provide you quick and high quality moving to your new residential space. As we have professional equipment and big experience, we offer you appropriate protection for valuable and expensive furniture, pianoes, paintings.It consists of different boxes,foil, sponges,polyethylene foam  and we can make appropriate crates. All unnecessary, worn out furniture and items which are not for use we  transport to the garbage dump.

We know that every  moving brings worries about cleaning the space  after leaving ,and before entering in it. To release you, we offer professional cleaning of all the rooms and furniture which includes removing  mortar, lime, paint and other hard dirt from the surface. We wash floors, windows, doors by machines as well as undust the furniture and shelves.


As we are experienced in this business ,we know how stressful can be the act of moving and because of that we offer you moving ‘key in  hand’. We will pack all your items, disassemble, assemble, transport and pile them on appropriate place which  you determine. We offer, free of cost, estimation of  moving costs during 24h every day in a week.
Our Company ,from its foundation,has recognized that the process  of moving is serious.Now, we can proudly say, that we are in the net which is among the biggest moving organizers in Europe and in the World.

Moving office space

We will give you high quality service for moving your company, firm, restaurant, factory, either you move the whole company or only one office. We realize it at the  time which is convenient to you,so there is no loss for your Company. We offer you packaging documents,archive and stationery by experienced, trained team of movers. They will dissassemble, assemble, protect furniture and transport it. Also, they move special freight (cash registers, machines, safe-deposit boxes, cash dispensers). We have modern equipment, hydraulic lifts, big cranes, trollies, small and big jacks for pulling out  loads, fork lifts, pallet stackers, robots for stairs and outside lifts. We estimate the costs of moving, free of cost, 24 hours every day in a week.

moving office

“Key in hand” Moving

  • After consultation with you,our Company Beotim MB will make a plan about moving your Company. Our professional team, trained for dissambling, will prepare and protect all your furniture for transport.
  • All stationery and documentation will be packed in appropriate boxes with labels pasted on them.
  • Trained movers will load your items in appropriate vehicle and carry them to desired destination. There, our team will unpack, assembly, mount your things and pile them on the place you decided previously.
  • Beotim MB guarantees discretion to the clients and that the job will be done in accordance with the agreement. In case of loss or damage,it will be compensated.
  • In our fleet there are vehicles capacity from 1 to 30 t. Truckshave lifts which can carry 1,5t.

We offer appropriate warehouse to store your items,equipment, machines for agreed period of time.Storaging is safe. First, your items will be listed and protected. Later, we will move them to the warehouse. When you are ready to take out your belongings ,we will transport them to desired destination.