Piano transport

Beotim MB company has transported all types of pianoes in Serbia and to the countries in region and Europe. We can proudly say that we have provided services for clients from all big cities in Serbia and region: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Leskovac, Podgorica, Zagreb, Split, Skoplje, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Maribor, Banja Luka.

Besides the piano moving, as the main service, we offer disassembling, assembling, loading, unloading pianos to our clients. We obtain special protection for pianoes, adapted to them. It consists of different types of boxes, foil, sponge and wrapping paper.

Our professional movers are trained for piano moving and have all necessary tools ,as well as cranes which we use to carry your piano to all places which are available.

piano transport

Transport - Piano types

  • Upright piano
    Upright piano is an instrument for domestic use and needs a little space. It has smaller resonator than piano, because of that the strings are located upright. Smaller resonator means less volume of the sound, but it sounds the same as the big piano.
  • Semiconcert piano
    Semiconcert piano, as the name says, is a half smaller than the concert piano, according to its resonator. Today this type of pianoes are made rarely, because of the lack of space in apartments. It was played before in small and big flats and was bought in accordance with a room space. This piano was mostly bought in past. Today is not the same. For domestic use people buy upright pianes but big concert pianoes are bought for concert halls.
  • Concert piano
    Concert piano or “grand piano” is 242cm long and is played with open lid,because the resonance of the strings in the piano case is heard best. It is the best quality piano. It is played in city concert halls.
  • Electric piano
    Electric piano has an advantage. It occupies less space than upright piano but the biggest advantage is that it is possible to play it every time. It has plugs for headphones. If it has dynamics of blows, the difference between it and the concert piano is minimal. Apart from that, electric piano often has different colours of sounds: pianos, and other instruments.

Piano transport costs

There are many factors which are included in piano transport costs. We suggest our clients to fill in a form. Our professional team will answer you as soon as possible.