Special freight

Beotim MB provides transport of all kinds of special freight and heavy loads to desired destination, using appropriate equipment.We have hydraulic lifts, pallet stackers, cranes, small and big jacks for pulling out the freight,fork lifts,robots for stairs… Our professional team is trained for disassembling, assembling, mending and handling to special tools for quick and efficient special freight transport.

Special freight services:

transport specijalnih tereta

Besides special freight transport, Company Beotim MB provides following services:

  • Taking the goods on certain address and delivering to desired destination.
  • Pulling out the freight from inaccessible places.
  • Positioning.
  • Packaging and preparing for transport.
  • Storaging.
  • Making crates for transport.
  • Special protection for floors from damaging during the heavy load transport indoors.

Beotim MB guarantees discretion to the clients and gives the guarantee that the transport will be done in  accordance  with the agreement and  in case of  loss or any damage, it will be compensated.

Transport of special freight - prices

As there are many factors which must be taken in the  transport costs of special freight, we suggest you to contact us filling in a form. Our team will answer you as soon as possible.