Transport Beograd


Company Beotim MB successfuly provides transport for all special and heavy goods, machines, pianoes, cash registers, safe-deposit boxes, cash dispensers, palletized goods and other equipment.
Professional and experienced team in our Company is responsible for transport. They have necessary equipment: hydraulic lifts, pallet stackers,small and big jacks for pulling out the freight, fork lifts, robots for stairs, cranes.

transport serbia

Professional team from our Company is trained for disassembling, assembling,repairing and handling to special tools.In our fleet there are vehicles different capacity.We have small vans as well as
trucks up to 24t, trucks with lifts for loading freight up to 1.5 t.

Transport - main services

  • Trasnport of special heavy loads
  • Piano Transport
  • Transport by refrigerator trucks
  • Bulk cargo transport
  • Palletized goods transport.

Transport - folloving services

  • Making special crates
  • Packaging goods and preparing for transport
  • Loading/unloading
  • Taking goods and transport to desired destination

Besides these services Company Beotim MB offers to its clients , appropriate space to store the goods, equipment, machines for a certain, agreed time.
Storaging is safe and your items will be protected and listed, in details. After that we will move them to the warehouse. When you are ready to take out your items, we will deliver them to desired destination.

If you need transport for the goods in the country and abroad the best solution is that experienced and tested Company does it for you. We can proudly say that we are among the most successful
companies with a long experience in transport of the goods. We share satisfaction in cooperation with firms, companies,foreign organizations providing services in transport and moving in our country and abroad.

Transport costs

As there are many elements which affect transport costs,we suggest you to contact us, filling in a form for contact. Our professional staff will answer you as soon as possible.